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Hello there! General Therarnobees here, I see we have lots of shinies around but we have no time to waste! Our base in shouldenear is falling apart, your only hope of survival is to dominate the high ground while waiting for the next transport ship, which may arrive in the next 5 minutes. You are all well equipped with the latest generation beam rifles, a pack of proton grenades and our top of the line Newtonian fade device, that allows the user to use its applied momentum to fade and avoid bullets, so surviving should not be a problem. However, there isn’t enough space on the transport ship to get you all to safety, only the bravest warrior will be saved, so if you can prove your worth, you may leave the planet.

Best of luck, and May the Impulse over time be with you.


Start with up to 4 players fight for the high ground. The game begin with you and the other players in a safe and warm lowground, but that’s not the area for our bravest warrior, nor the area for the survivor of our base.

So make your way to the highground avoiding the oncoming fire from the numerous turrets in the battlefield, from the other players and from your own stupidity. In the meantime, make sure to make the other players fall by any means necessary.

Your bravery and value will be measured with points, and only the player with more points will survive. But how you earn points? It’s simple: shoot your opponents, avoid the shots and grenades of that losers and TAKE AND KEEP THE HIGH GROUND.

Useful links:

https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce#readme - this helps simulating xbox controller inputs

Install instructions

Extract all files and run the executable.


HGS_Linux.zip 23 MB
HGS_Windows.zip 21 MB

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